Loans under the Bank’s Home Loan Scheme may be granted to individuals to enable them to:

  • Purchase a plot of land and construction of house thereat
  • Only purchase of land
  • Purchase /construct a new house
  • Purchase an existing (old) house /or extend an existing house
  • Repair or renovate or furnish an existing house
  • Re-imbursement of investment made from own resources during the preceding twelve months for purchase of property /construction /repairs /extension of house
  • Takeover of Home Loans availed by an individual borrower from other Banks /financial institutions subject to the conditions of takeover norms


  • In case the property holder i.e. (wife / husband) is not having independent  source of income, the income earning near relative may join as co-borrower/guarantor for the loan and his or her income can be taken for arriving at loan eligibility.
  • No. of Co-Borrower: Restricted to maximum 3 (three) including spouse / children/parents/siblings.


  • For house under construction upto 75 lacs: 20%
  • For house/flat ready for possession upto 75 lacs: 15%
  • For house under construction above 75 lacs: 25%
  • For house/flat ready for possession upto 75 lacs: 15%

Interest Rate 

Interest Rate on SUPER HOME LOAN has been kept at 8.35 % per annum.